The Inside Perspective on Group Midterms

By Andrew Uderian One aspect of university all engineers experience is midterm tests and examinations. Generally, students tend to either be indifferent to these evaluations or despise them, and math midterms are often some of the most polarizing. However, progress has been made towards making math evaluations both more fun and more applicable to real world problem solving. Since 2011,

Are We Due For Another Renaissance?

  By Marguerite Tuer-Sipos I would argue that today, most people who deem themselves engineers would not think to consider themselves artists, and similarly, most artists would not consider themselves engineers. We understand these titles as having strict guidelines based on education that precedes them and the futures they might lead to, yet the intersection of these fields was not

Commuting in Toronto: an Analysis

By Ahnaf Ferdous With a population of around 2.8 million people in Toronto proper, and 6 million across the GTA, there’s no question that Toronto is the most populous and one of the fastest growing cities in Canada; from 2011 to 2016, there was a 4.46% increase in population. During that same period, hardly any transit projects, service improvements or increases

Certificate in Forensic Engineering

By Hannah Bendig In 2011, UofT Professor Doug Perovic started teaching the first-of-its-kind forensic engineering course in Canada. 6 years later, it has now developed into something much bigger. Engineering students can now earn a Certificate in Forensic Engineering, another big step for the university and the engineering community.   What exactly is forensic engineering? The field has evolved a

The Big Picture: How Machine Learning is Becoming an Irreplaceable Part of Medical Imaging and Diagnostics

By Sam Penner How is machine learning (ML) impacting the field of medical imaging today, and what does it have to offer to the field of diagnostic medicine?   Medical imaging and diagnostics is a vital field of medicine, which includes many imaging modalities used to image parts of the human body to provide diagnoses and treatments of disease. Techniques

EngSci: A Leap of Faith

Leap of FaithAfter receiving some fire for publishing only one side of the issue (in relation to transferring out of the Engineering Science program), the Cannon had decided to publish another article vis-à-vis the same topic, only this time from the other side of the picket fence. Below is a transcript of an interview conducted via email of a student who has

On the National Technology and Business Conference ’15

logoReporter Patrick Wu gives his reflection of the events.   In the 21st century, wave after wave of new consumer trends and needs are demonstrated in the areas of digitalized service, energy, and healthcare; technology and business are more integrated than ever before. Opportunities bloom one after another, and many speakers at the National Business and Technology Conference (NBTC) have