UTSU Levy Referendum

The UTSU is currently running a Fall By-Election with the following referendum; The University of Toronto Students’ Union (UTSU) is seeking consent from its members on the St George Campus for the establishment of the UTSU Dedicated Clubs, Events, and Services Fee. Each member of the UTSU would pay $3.75 sessionally (including the Summer session), beginning in Fall 2017. The

Women in Engineering

Dean Amon - "Boundless opportunities to address the world's most pressing challenges"In honour of the International Day of the Girl, we present to you some of the women in engineering saying what being a woman in engineering means to them (and an important reminder from your VP Academics). As of 2015, women account for 30.6% of undergraduate engineering students at UofT. The complement of female faculty members has more than doubled

Engineering Career Centre Shakeup

Every year, the third year students step into the ambiguity that is job searching. And soon enough, they realize that this program the Faculty boasts about and puts in all their welcome brochures is not as well organized as it ought to be. The Engineering Career Centre (ECC) has received many complaints over the years, and students going on their

Don’t Panic but You’re Being Watched: Policy Issues of Big Data

Collect everything. That seems to be the dominant philosophy in Big Data, a field whose imposing name commands fear in many. With more sophisticated computing resources and techniques to gather information being introduced each passing year, it has overhauled multiple fields. Even your favourite sports team is probably running through mountains of numbers behind closed doors to ensure they don’t

OSPE’s #AnEngineerWasHere Reminds Ontarians and the Ontario Government that Engineers Are Important

“One of the first things you learn in engineering school is ERTW (Engineers Rule the World). However, the E in ERTW doesn’t stand for engineers anymore. It stands for economists,” stated Sandro Perruzza, the CEO of the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE), an advocacy group for engineers. “The problem is that engineers are really seen as problem solvers, and