Professor Thomas Coyle on New CEIE Building

Being an engineering student, one can not help but ponder about the upcoming new building, The Centre for Engineering Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CEIE). An interview with Professor Thomas Coyle, the Vice-Dean of the Undergraduate department, clarifies some questions students may be having. 1) How will U of T’s engineering curriculum/program be transformed by this building? …

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Is Our Respect for Nature Gone, or has it Just Evolved like Everything Else?

The human appreciation for nature has a complicated history filled with many heroes and villains. The story presumably shares its beginning with that of the human race, and hopefully will not end in the way many have predicted: destruction or total abandonment of the earth. The relationship between nature and us is one that seemingly …

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Will Autonomous Vehicles Solve Congestion?

Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) are being touted as the next big idea in solving today’s transportation problems. Every major car manufacturer, and even some consumer electronic companies, are developing AV prototypes and the technology will reach the market in as little as 5 years. In Canada, General Motors has made the large commitment of building an …

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Advice from Sandro Young, the top student in UofT

Sandro Young graduated last summer from the department of Electrical and Computer engineering and received the Governor General’s Silver Medal award. This award is Canada’s most prestigious academic medal given to the top performing student across the entire university, and has been awarded to the likes of Pierre Trudeau, Tommy Douglas, and Kim Campbell. Sandro, …

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Is Unconditional Love Worth It?

Being in university can simultaneously be full of friends and great people, as well as being super lonely. Although classmates are helpful and life long friends can be made, many of us are still away from our families and childhood homes. Not to mention those nights when everyone is quietly studying away in separate places throughout the city. So, what