Nepotism in Skule

Every year during Frosh Week, the first years are introduced to a seemingly beautiful and welcoming community. A community where you are told, “it’s okay to be who you are.” The three pillars of student life are introduced – the Cannon, the Lady Godiva Memorial Bnad, and the ever elusive BFC. The Cannon mystifies, the Bnad aggravates and amuses, and

Toronto through food

For the final issue of the year, I wanted to do something different with this column. I’ve written about the best places to get burritos, cheap eats, and decadent dinners, but this time I’ll be examining my relationship with Toronto through the food that I eat.   Food and Toronto have both led me to some of my lowest lows,

The Ladies of the Iron Ring

In 2016, the United Nations began commemorating February 11th as the International Day for Women and Girls in Science, in recognition of the need to empower female scientists, engineers and inventors as a part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. While UN observances are often significant in terms of drawing attention towards an issue, they are not as effective

The UTSU and You

If there’s only one thing that could be said about the UTSU, amid its colourful history, it would be that their performance has always been…questionable. As Mathias Memmel, VP Internal, remarked, “we’re widely disliked and no one trusts us with money, and who can blame them?” One such a money-fumbling incident would be the 2015 lawsuit in which the UTSU

Finding your own adventure

  Reading week is almost over. You probably spent your break reading your friends’ text messages about how they’re enjoying their ski trip in Blue Mountain or Mont Tremblant, or how they just can’t get enough of the amazing food and bars in Montreal. Perhaps your friends are extra fancy and decided to leave the country and are vacationing in

Math in Music

    “Math is a wonderful thing Math is a really cool thing. So, get off your ass, let’s do some math math, math, math, math, math.” -Jack Black, School of Rock Math is everywhere. It is used to solve not only the most complex engineering problems, but also the most mundane (like how long it would take to break