• Essential Apps and Gadgets


    The transition to university can be difficult. Here are some tools that will make the path a bit smoother.

    Wolfram Alpha

    This will become your best friend, as this online computational software is no normal calculator. It can solve complex calculus problems, and is a great tool for checking your answers. However, be careful not to get too dependent on the software, because you’ll find yourself extremely lost during exams. You can also use Wolfram to answer critical life questions; “am I drunk?” should prove a useful one. Ask it to plot a Pokémon curve. Try to find the hidden easter eggs in between plugging in derivatives and integrals.

    Note: For linear algebra, a number of matrix calculators are also available on the internet.


    Not all problems are created equal. Questions on exams are often entirely different than the ones given in class and homework. To truly get an idea of what your test will look like, you need to do the past exams. Courses.skule.ca has a large library of past tests and quizzes from all your courses, separated by discipline end year, for your practising pleasure.


    This app is designed to help you locate available computers and printers in the Engineering Computer Facility (ECF) labs. Engineering students tend to take full advantage of the 900 page printing quota provided each semester, often printing out booklets of notes or textbooks. Use Citoprint when you need to find a printer that’s not backlogged a hundred pages.

    Organization Apps

    Course loads in university can feel like a juggling act. If everything’s starting to blur together, use an organizer to keep all the assignments, deadlines and exam dates straight so you don’t drop the ball. Popular to-do list apps include Todoist and Wunderlist, which sync across your devices. If you want simplicity, ColorNote offers a word pad function and a sticky note widget – organized by colour, of course. Google Calendar is a classic choice for reminders and events, although Sunrise, a new app that’s more visually appealing, is worth checking out too.


    As first-years your timetables are set, but come electives selection, keep this site in mind. Enter a course code and you’ll see all the sections that are offered, which ones conflict with your existing courses, and which are in free timeslots. Plug courses into your timetable and build your ideal schedule. Even in first year, some of you will eventually want to attend a different lecture than your own – for a better prof, or merely for some extra shut-eye in the morning.


    If citations aren’t your strong point and IEEE is making your head spin, try Zotero. It’s available as a browser plug-in, and collects and cites your references. It can be inaccurate occasionally though, so beware. This is by no means an exhaustive or definitive list of useful technology, but hopefully it will serve you well. Good luck frosh! Don’t forget to have some fun, too.

    Jenny Deng

  • Chem Basketball’s suffocating defense dominates Civ 28-14


    October 8, 2014

    Coming off last night’s emotional win over EngSci, Chem Basketball proved that their defense was no fluke. Chem recovered from a tough shooting night but relied on their defense to eke out a tough win.

    The Chem defence did not allow any breathing room for Civ, especially in the first half, as they forced Civ into bad shots and made them go through the teeth of the defence. Civ managed only one field goal in the first half. However, the Civ defence wasn’t playing around either. The Chem offence was also not as sharp as it was the previous night. The first half ended with a low scoring affair, finishing with only 12-6 in favour of Chem.

    Chem came out of the break firing away as they quickly built a 10 point lead with 10 minutes remaining. Civ tried to catch up by taking quick shots, but Chem realized this as they slowed down the game and made Civ play to their tempo. “We’re bigger than them, so we need to force feed our bigs and play the game at our pace”, explained Chem Head Coach, Patrick Polvorosa. “Civ played great, but our defense carried us through our bad shooting night. We gotta make our shots.”

    The Chems finished off Civ 28-14, even after Civ tried to catch up.

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  • Indy Soccer wins 7-5 against Frosh


    October 5, 2014

    Indy captain Reza Boushehri was determined to not let his team lose.

    Indy broke through the Frosh defence several times in the first half, pulling out a deadly fast break game led by their captain to put them ahead 3-1 at the half.

    The second half featured both teams battling for position. “Indy’s defence was too strong for the first years”, proclaimed Tarriq Purivatra, the Frosh soccer team captain. Indy fought off a late rally by the frosh and held on to win 7-5.

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  • MSE Escapes With a 36-35 Win Over Civ


    Clutch game winning jumper highlights start of Engineering Basketball Season

    Both teams were very excited to play after a long off-season. The game was, according to Billy Hearn, MSE captain, was “a lot of fun…super close and contested.”

    MSE was up by 8 points with 3 minutes left in the game. Led by a furious rally by Civ captain Scott Balid, Civ managed to take a one point lead with 20 ticks left.

    But Hearn decided that they would not lose this game. He pulled up a jumper over the arms of a defender. Game over, MSE is now 1-0 for the season.

    An interview with him afterwards revealed great team chemistry. Asked about what the victory meant for his team, he said “I feel really good [about the victory], our team played well together and were able to pull out a closely contested win…I’m much more confident now going forward.”

    Civ will surely rebound from this loss, but things are only looking up for MSE.

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  • Mech soccer wins 6-4 against EngSci


    October 9, 2014

    An intense game featured two rivals battling for the lead for the whole game, but in the end, Mech prevailed.

    It was “intense and clean, with almost no fouls”, stated Christopher Habib, Mech Soccer’s captain. The Mech team started out strong, building a 4-1 lead by half time. EngSci made their adjustments during the break and pulled out the stops, as their new found defense enabled them to stop the Mech attack and score two quick goals to make it 4-3. This set up a great end of the game “filled with lots of close shots for both teams”, Habib said. The Mech team hung on to win 6-4.

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  • Chem Basketball’s Defense carries them to undermanned win over rival EngSci


    October 7, 2014

    Chem pulls out an emotional win in their first game after major injury.

    Two of the leagues powerhouses faced off again after having their game rescheduled following an injury that cut their last game short.

    Last Friday, Chem back up point guard Ifaz Uddin needed to be taken by an ambulance due to a major lower body injury. Chem only had 7 players dress up for the game but came out of the gate firing. They built a big lead at the half, led by sweet shooting from PEY student Michael Taguiam and senior Patrick Morlet. Their defense, led by co-captain Cullen Adam, harassed EngSci’s offense, blocking them from any good looks at the basket. Chem’s lack of players caught up to them however, as EngSci battled back and got close in the last few minutes. It was not enough in the end, as Chem was able to squeeze out a 39-31 win over their rivals.

    It’s hard to not get excited for the next meeting between these two teams, as it seems as if the floor lights up every time they meet on the court.

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  • Intense Chem – EngSci game is cut short by injury


    October 3, 2014

    The Engineering Basketball League season starts off with a bang

    It was a rematch of the 2013 Finals, as Chem’s core returned from PEY and is boosted by younger talent, while EngSci officially began its run at a three-peat. The first half was as intense as a regular season game could be, as EngSci’s trapping defense prevented Chem’s shooters to thrive, but Chem countered with an on point driving and slash game. The half was highlighted by a step back buzzer beating fade-away by EngSci that gave them a one point lead.

    EngSci used this momentum to reel off 8 straight points in the first few minutes of the second half, but Chem withstood the charge and were only down 6 with ten minutes remaining.

    Then, disaster happened.

    Chem’s first year back-up point guard, Ifaz Uddin, went for a rebound but landed awkwardly. The game was stopped as he couldn’t get off the floor and was clearly writhing in pain, clutching his knee. The ambulance needed to be called and the game had to be delayed. He was later taken to Mount Sinai Hospital and diagnosed with a dislocated knee.

    After an almost 1 hour delay, the captains of both teams decided to continue the game even though half the players for both teams already left. With 10 minutes remaining in the game, Chem mounted a furious rally to take the lead with 40 seconds left capped by an And-1 by Chem co-captain Cullen Adam. However, the Hart House staff had to cancel the game to be able to treat Ifaz’ injuries promptly.

    EngSci captain, Bill Tang, stated after the game: “This is the weirdest game I’ve been part of, and I’ve played in this league for every year that I am in Skule. And I’ve been here for a while. I hope he gets well soon.”

    Chem’s Head Coach, Patrick Polvorosa, commented on Ifaz’ injury. “This is the risk we take every time we step on the floor. No malice was intended by any player on the court, and we are here to have fun. It’s unfortunate that he got injured, especially in the first game of the season, but he should be back soon. Our players are going to become closer because of this and we will need everyone to step up in his absence.”

    The game will be postponed for next Tuesday, October 7th, but both teams showed that they are to be feared in this league. Time will tell if this will translate to them being true contenders for this year’s championship.

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  • ECE Trumps Indy’s Limited Lineup to Finish off the Season’s First Week


    October 3, 2014

    The first game of the night featured last year’s finalists, ECE, facing a depleted Indy team. ECE’s big lineup dominated both the offensive and defensive boards and did not allow Indy a chance to recover from a large early deficit. More importantly, Indy was only able to dress 5 players and as such, could not stop ECE’s constant attempt at running the fast break. The game was over by halftime with a score of 31-10 in favor of ECE, and even a minor run by Indy at the end could not keep ECE’s lead from ballooning. Indy won by more than 30 points in the end as they started their season with a message to all other teams that they are a force to be reckoned with.

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