This is your 2019-2020 Skule Alumni Outreach Committee! The new 2020-2021 Executive Team is coming soon!

Edwin Ng
Skule AO DirectorA robotics engineering student and martial artist. Loves to network and learn from othersimg_8723

Albert Hsueh
Clubs and Student Outreach CoordinatorEngSci Robo. Enjoys working on electromechanical projects and plays sports in spare time. He looks forward to meeting you at our networking events!img_8745

Michelle Yuan
Clubs and Student Outreach CoordinatorAn ambitious third year math, stats and finance major who loves new and thrilling experiences. Michelle Yuan

Bond Chen
Clubs and Student Outreach CoordinatorAn engineering student with curiosity for knowledge, respect to fellows and alumni, and passion for the future. img_8727

Emma Chen
Clubs and Student Outreach CoordinatorA 3rd year industrial engineering student who loves to learn new things and watch funny cats videos. Emma

Colin Yeung
Outreach Events and Volunteer CoordinatorAn intellectually curious electrical engineering student. Loves to work collaboratively and live a healthy lifestyle. Colin

Janina Lindsay
Outreach Events and Volunteer CoordinatorMechanical Engineering Student. Enthusiastic about robotics, construction and all forms of machining processes. On her free time she enjoys anime, beatboxing, and spending time with her dog. Janina

Chantal Louise Wong
Marketing and Communications CoordinatorA second year civil engineering student that loves orienteering, hiking and singing! Life divided into academics, Engineers Without Borders and Skule AO. Currently finishing the gold level of Duke of Edinburgh. Relies heavily on caffeine and is low on sleep. Perfect pitch and can make a HOLE on my shoulder.Chantal

Louis Luo
Marketing and Communications CoordinatorA second year Engineering Science student who loves to develop websites and code APPs. Enjoys playing guitar, piano, and trumpet, and watching anime in his spare time. Also a huge Toronto Raptors fan. #WETHENORTH Louis

Sherry Xie
Graphics and Photography Coordinator An industrial engineering student and a photographer. Loves to learn new things and enjoy the beauty of life. Sherry

Fan Jia
Graphics and Photography Coordinator Loves music, movies and dramas because they are inspiring and good ways to relax. An optimistic person and always expecting good things to happen in life, but is a little bit slow and have trouble making decisions such as what she wants for lunch. Friendly and gentle so feel free to talk to me. Fan



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